Friday, December 31, 2010

TREE - shizophrenic architecture

Experimental album from one of the founding members of PREMO VS THE WORLD Josh Boutwell. If you like noise, electronic noise, harsh noise, tape montages, you may enjoy this. A Full Length Album with 13 tracks. Many cameo appearances by Jesus Fish Exprience, The Uh.., Neither, Belt Buckle Death Sentence, Whitey Alabastard, Flees, Hotrod Todd, premo vs the world, Billy, Jeremy Boutwell, and more. Jim Ivy plays Sax on track 9 courtesy of himself. Jeremy Boutwell comprises most of track 6. A new noise abum for  the new year!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

St Pete Noise Fest 3

S.P.N.F. Noise Mash-up. from Lester Gessley on Vimeo.

This is 2/3 of premo-vs-the world joined by WAMPO and Chris Nadeau of Blast and The Detergents. Second to last of the night.

Trotky's Watercooler


Members of Mine Canary, J. Thelonious and friends.

Cozmonot 13 , M31 , Lindsey Leepe...

Boy+Girl , A.G. Davis, Mike Berchou of ( The Uh...) Xela Zaid, and RAT BASTARD.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lemmings

Ok so, if you were around Ft Myers in 1991 you might remember this band. The Lemmings consisted of Ben Blythe - vocals, Mike Welch - guitar,
Salvitore Pirrone- drums, and Jessica Richards - bass. This is the studio demo which has five songs that I don't know the titles for. A really good band in the vein of Bauhaus or some other obscure indie rock/post punk/new wave... I don't know what to call it. I dig it!  Also, Mike went on to form The Americar Underworld. And Jessica,I have recently been told, was on 'Home 14'. All and all a great blend of really good musicians.. Sorry no photos.


1. Falling, falling fell
2. Waterlogged
3. American Gravity
4. Sway
5. Beatta Beatrix.

Faux Town Fever

This is a new song from Faux Town Fever! Recorded by 'Hand'
Melody Imogene -guitar and vocals, and Whitey Alabastard - accordian and backing vocals.
Also, six song cd available and coming soon right here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Double Agent. - BUZZBOMB!

This is the first Double Agent. single. A 3 song gem here of some more instrumental Spy/Fi surf! From the mind of Counter Intelligence. A good listen. The second Double Agent. can also be found on this blog.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strip Club Moms

This is one of the many legendary bands from Ft Myers. One of my favorites indeed. Classic indie rock for the soul! This is one of the oldest Strip Club Moms CDs. 2002. Just recently located this in a stack of locals.... If you like indie rock, pavement, loud guitars, and catchy lyrics, you'll love The Strip Club Moms!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

10 piece IMPROV and NOISE

This set was the opener for the second night of Summer Of Weirds @ Churchill's Pub in Miami. Featuring a fine collection of musicians all master minded by Billy Eubank. The flute is kind of loud but, if you get past that you can experience the cacophony of sounds emitting from the stage. 10 people including members of premo vs the world , Durastatic , Jesus Fish Experience... just to name a few... Enjoy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kill Andrade

This another band from Mass. Really good if you like indie rock and old school punk rock. Not to put them in either genre though... A fine blend of classic influences. Sounds a bit like Drive Like Jehu at times and probably some others maybe. I really dig this band and so, they are now here at Steele Grinder. Download

The Uh... LIVE!!

One of the best live noise shows you will see! The Uh... is from St. Petersburg and is absolutely baffling to encounter live. Repeated guests at the anual International Noise Conference in Miami , FL. These guys create the loudest , most insane wall of noise that's humanly possible! If you are into NOISE you'll like this. This is their Live cd. Download

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is another Florida band. BROOT is from the Tampa area. They sound like the bastard sons of GardyLoo and I'd put money down that they listen to the Mentors... So, if you like any of these influences you might like Broot. DOWNLOAD

Sunday, January 10, 2010

premo-vs-the world - SEIZURES EP 2010

This is the brand new EP from premo-vs-the world!!!! 13 tracks of madness and mayhem!!!! Leave comments please... Whitey , Billy, and Josh just released this and it is fucking amazing!! Recorded by BCE3 @ E2 Studio in Lake Worth. Edited by HAND 2009. If you like noise or premo-vs-the world you'll love this new one!! DOWNLOAD