Sunday, December 6, 2009

Belt Buckle Death Sentence

This is another awesome band from Lake Worth , FL. If you like Old School Punk Rock then you'll love this... DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Silent Scream

This is the debut EP from Jeremy Boutwell. These are the first batch of songs he recorded himself. Also , the very first time he ever recorded anything... A good listen. Sad songs are the best. Kinda reminds me of someone... Just can't put my finger on it.... So, if you like acoustic songs, Daniel Johnston, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Eric's Trip then you'll like this. DOWNLOAD

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MEATLOCKER - 2 demos

OK this is Meatlocker. A crossover band from West Palm Beach, FL in the late 80s to early 90s. As a young lad I was a frequent attendee at Meatlocker 'shows'. Some of the shows were parties at a house near downton..... Those were the days. This is kinda like Cro Mags with less skinheads and a bit more of a thrash metal edge. 2 demos. 'Keep The Faith' from '89 and 'Triangle of Pain' from '90 or so... I don't know where these cats are these days but, they were bad ass while they were around! I will always love this band.... DOWNLOAD

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Panics from Ft Myers 1979-1980

This is the oldest Punk Rock Band that I know of from Ft Myers. Three 7''s here from '79 and '80. A friend of mine was just recently telling me about this band he saw here in Ft Myers in 1978/79, so I trackd it down. Download! all three here or go get the tracks one at time. If anyone knows these guys or knows more info, post it in coments...

Truely great sound. Recorded here in Ft Myers!

Antler Joe and The Accidents

This is another one of the oldest punk rock bands from Ft Myers that I know of. This was recorded in 1980 and it kicks ass! There is some info posted around about this here. But, the music is here now. Download! Really awesome sound for the time and town.. If anyone has more Ft Myers punk rock send 'em my way! Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

premo-vs-the world - Standards Vol. 1

The newest release from our beloved premo-vs.-the world! The very first volume of previously unreleased material. Fun for the whole damn family! This full length cd will take you for a journey or two... Lot's of noise! Lots of free form sounding audio splatter paint! If you like LOUD NOISEY MUSIC YOU"LL LOVE THIS!! One track is a 16 or so minutes long masterpiece. Also includes their infamous (or un famous) performance at the 2007 Battle of the Bands @ Rockstarz Bar in Ft Myers.... DOWNLOAD


This is a 4 song demo from Tampa area band Thrillhoes. Real Old School Thrash/Core! This shit makes me wanna grab my skateboard and fuck some shit up! And their live sound is amazing! One of my favorite If these guys come through your town, go see them. DOWNLOAD

Magnet City Kids

Magnet City Kids! The name alone is enticing isn't it? This is a band from the New York area. I saw these guys at a Post I.N.C. Show in Ft Lauderdale February 2009. They totally blew me away! What a great band! Anyone that likes noise will love this. Their live show is amazing! By far one of the best bands I've seen to date! DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Best of The Roidz So Fuck You!

This is one of my all time favorite Florida Bands! The Roidz!!!

The greatest 80's Hardcore Band you never heard before!! A classic! The Roidz from Florida!! The nightmare of EVERY STRAIGHT EDGE BAND in the 80's!! They opened for a bunch of greats: Social Distortion, GG Allin, Mentors, Saint Vitus, Gang Green, DI, MDC, GBH, Corrosion of Conformity, B'last, etc.... One of the best and most insane Hardcore Punk to ever hit the has the speed, the funny lyrics and the porn edge. As those pricks at MRR once wrote "...this is like the Dwarves but with better musicians!". A MUST for any lover of REAL 80's PUNK HARDCORE!!

Boomer Roid: Drums
Tony Roid: Bass
Bootleg Bill: Guitar
Jeano Roid: Vox

This is a compilation of All The Roidz' demos and such...From the WMTL archives. This is NOT the Scarey Records version including live tracks but, it does include El Duce at the end. DOWNLOAD!


This is some solo work from one of the founding members of premo-vs-the world, Josh Boutwell. Kinda sad kinda trippy kinda rockin. Mostly by himself, although there are a couple of guests on a track or two. Nick 'Whitey' Boutwell sits in on lead guitar on the opening track and John Pytel plays the blistering leads for track two. In the vein of any Lo-Fi, Sebadoh esque, shitty tape recordings full of pain and emotion. If you like early 90's Indie and Noise rock you might like this. DOWNLOAD

Monday, October 26, 2009


Ok this band is from Lake Worth , FL and they are pretty bad ass! This was given to me by the singer at an ASSPISS house party. Full on BAlls out angry drunken rage!!! 5 tracks but they RIP!! If you like The Accused, crust punk, hate the cops, getting drunk and fighting, or are just an old school beligerant asshole, then you'll love this! 2 thumbs up from me. However their live show is way better than the recordings. DOWNLOAD If these guys come through your town, do not miss them. You'll be glad you went.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

premo-vs.-the world 'things that only exist' 2006

This little gem was recorded in early 2006. The more noisey and experimental side of premo-vs-the world. Definately worth a listen and my personal favorite. DOWNLOAD
All songs written and recorded by Eubank / Boutwell @ BCE3 Studio Cape Coral, FL by HAND.

After The Fact

This is a band currently active in the Ft Myers area. Features 2 former members of Code Zero. These are the Steele Grinder sessions. Check out these guys if you're local or if they come through your town. Band's myspace They are currently working on a full length. If you like Descendents, Code Zero, Radio Rock, or getting drunk and crying about a girl, you'll dig this. Although, there are no songs that refer to crying... ha ha...


Demented Youth Ft Myers

Around late 1990 - 1992 these recordings were made. Fast , loud, and retarded Skater punk songs. If you like Tardcore , you may enjoy this. Danny Rojas and Lou. There are many more recordings which were tragically lost. These songs were recently compiled from old tapes and added to the SGM roster. If anyone has more Demented Youth recordings please send them my way.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Double Agent.

This is the second cd from this mysterious instrumental Spy/Fi band from Ft Myers. A fine blend of instrumental surf and noise rock! Check it out!! All information of band members is classified..... All music written by 'Counter Intelligence' and arranged with help from other various operatives.. Download