Saturday, May 20, 2017

"The Monk and The Bee" Original 16x20 Canvas Painting by Josh Boutwell

Durastatic 20/20 mini cdr

20/20 is a 20 some odd minute long piece of sonic guitar and tape recorder noise. This piece was also the subject, and first of a new series for SGM.
Steele Grinder Collections is a project where one track is used as a starting point or main source of composition. Collections : 20/20 features 10 different artists from around the world. Listen HERE!

Durastatic - 20/20

3" mini cdr in poly cover. High gloss covers $4PPD IN USA


Durastatic - Naked Expression single CD Limited edition

Brand new guitar madness from Durastatic.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

DURASTATIC - Lapsing K-Tar SGM69

Brand new and final album of the year from Durastatic (FL) a.k.a. Josh Boutwell.
This is a collaborative effort made up half of which by Sean Monson. All guitars on this shoegazing sonic adventure! Plenty of tasty riffs and noisy guitar drones. This is a fine wrap up to a weird year.

Free streaming or Download using the "Pay What You Want" feature. You can be kind or you can download for free. Either way, enjoy! HERE

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Whitey Alabastard - Space Rape (2011) SGM25

This is the second solo effort from the self made legend that is Whitey Alabastard.
Recorded by Spooky Clouds @ Treehouse May of 2011 live, this is a ride you do't want to miss!
Six tracks of fun filled, jam packed improvisasional noise! Available now on cassette or cdr.

Cassette / CDr

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Steele Grinder Music V/A Compilation! - Steele Grinder Vol.1

The very first release of 2013 is packed full of some of the most amazing artists from Florida and around the world. Volume 1 of a projected 4 volume series is an open compilation. This means there is no particular theme or genre to this album. It is an absolute free for all! Produced by Spooky Clouds , this album offers 90 minutes of pure mayhem. From harsh noise to surf to electronic industrial sounding stuff to howling and yowling. Volume 2 is scheduled to come out in another month or so. This is a cassette release so put your order in. Overseas orders, please add 10 dollars extra for shipping.